Aug 31: You got your Ch 1 tests back as well as a current grade report. If you're not doing as well as you'd like, see if there are any zeroes you can get partial credit for and start reviewing your notes EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I always tell students that this is an Honors class, so you always have homework (to study and read over class notes) even if I don't assign anything specific. Waiting til the night before to study in this class is a really bad idea. Also, missing out on easy little assignments like Workbook and Wikis is a bad idea. That's the "low-hanging fruit" that can help take some pressure off the tests - take advantage of it.

Aug 28: Took the Ch 1 Test today. No weekend homework, but you should spend a little time reading ahead in Ch 6, Biochemistry.

Aug 27 15 pt grade for Review Guide completion. Discussed Review Guides. Remember tomorrow is a big-point day - a 66-point test over Ch 1 and your workbook pages 2-9 worth 24 points.

Aug 26 "Pole to Pole" from the Planet Earth series. 15 pts (Mr. Carr left me a note that you all were great for him. Thank you!)

Aug 25:
Ch 1 Review Guides. Reminders of things coming due: Wiki 2 is due Wed. The Review Guide is due Thurs. The WB p 2-9 is due Friday, which is also
test day.

Aug 24: I gave you quite a bit of class time to work on pages 2-9 in your workbooks. Remember, those will be due on Friday and worth 24 pts. We also took a look at the results of our Bacteria & Handwashing Lab and compared them to our hypotheses. Talked about possible sources of error (many). Announced a Ch1 Test for this Friday, Aug 28.

Aug 21: Lab, bacteria and hand-washing. HW - get working on the Wiki 2 assignment. As of Fri afternoon, NOBODY has completed it yet. Due next Wed for 10 pts.

Aug 20: Scientific Method + an example of how to do the Experimental Design assignment, due Wed for 10 pts.

Aug 19: Did a homework check for the p 10 assignment. Introduced Wiki Assignment # 2 (see more details on your class wiki), which is due Wed Aug 26. Completed the section 1-2 notes. Tomorrow we'll go through the steps to the Scientific Method and Friday is lab-day.

Aug 18: Started taking notes (finally!) on Section 1-1. For HW, answer # 1-4 on page 10 (no need to re-write the question). Also if you still need to get logged on to the wiki, remember that is due tomorrow (WED). I thought our little live on-line notes went really well considering this is the first day EVER doing that in the history of Paducah Tilghman H.S. Good job!

Aug 17: Continue ACHIEVE talk for collaborative groups. Did the Textbook Scavenger Hunt on page xxix in the front part of the text (5 pts).

Aug 14: Lab Safety Video. ACHIEVE discussion. Signature sheets were due (5 pts each).

Aug 13: Classroom rules and expectations. Book issue

Aug 12: 1st day of school. Passed out wiki usernames and passwords.