Oct 22 - Now: Working on group planet projects on the computers.

Oct 5: Completed Chapter 7. Did p 76-78 in the workbook (15 pts).

Oct 2: p 207, # 1-3

Oct 1: Section 7-3 lecture notes.

Sep 30: Finished all notes on section 7-2 and completed a 15 pt workbook assignment (pages 73-75).

Sep 29: Did notes on the first part of section 7-2, the earth's orbit, rotation and seasons. Then we did page 70-71 in the workbooks (worth 10 pts).

Sep 28: Got a grade report today for Science class. You have until Oct 5 to clear up any zeroes. Anything after that will stay as it is.

Sept 25: We went through the "Blue Beauty" photos of Earth shot from space satellites. Began notes on Section 7-1. Chapter 26 tests to be returned on Monday.

Sept 24: Most were at EXPLORE testing. Those who were in class had Study Hall.

Sep 22: Checked the work from yesterday, it was worth 35 pts. Then we did an oral review for tomorrow's Ch 26 Test.

Sept 21: We did a review over all of Ch 26 today. It was as follows: p 844-845, # 1-19 + 22 + 25. Also p 846-847, # 1-6 + 10-16.

Sep 16: Notes over section 26-4. 2nd and 3rd period have one more day across the hall in Room 225, then we're back to our regular spot on Friday. Be nice to the sub the next few days.

Sep 15: Notes over section 26-3.

Sep 14: Completed the notes on Section 26-2 (Stars and Sun). Answered # 1-5 on page 829. If you didn't finish it in class, it was homework, due tomorrow, worth 15 pts.

Sep 11: Took up the workbook assignment from Thursday, did the 6 vocabulary words on p 823 as Bell Work, took notes over Section 26-2 (Life Cycle of Stars).

Sep 10: We spent the entire period today working on pages 313-316 in the workbooks. Any part that was not completed in class should be finished for homework tonight and handed in tomorrow.

Sep 9: We did the online Astronomy activity in the computer lab today. I'll check your responses over the weekend.

Sep 8: Got back the Ch 1 Tests today. Overall, they weren't too great, but it was just the first test. Don't give up if you didn't do as well as you'd hoped. Dig in and study harder! We also completed the notes for Section 26-1. Remember, we're in the Computer Lab in room 110 tomorrow.

Sep 4: We started study of the Universe, Stars and Galaxies with a video about space exploration. I'll have a 1-page progress report for each of you on Tuesday.

Sep 3: Ch 1 Test

Sep 2: Took a 20 pt grade on the review guide, which was to be finished for homework. Covered the review guide material out loud. Did some practice unit conversion problems on the board.

Sep 1: Worked on Ch 1 Review Guides the entire period.

Aug 31: We took some notes on Graphing, then did an "I do, We do, You do" exercise. The You Do was an exit slip worth 5 points for 1st and 2nd periods. Ran out of time in 3rd period so it was homework due Tue Sept 1st at the beginning of class.

Aug 28: Measurement Lab on thickness of one sheet of paper and finding the density of a spiral notebook. No weekend homework.

Aug 27: Bell work - "How many minutes are in one year?" We did notes over length, mass, volume and density. Finished with a Think-Pair-Share exercise.

Aug 26: "Pole to Pole" worth 15 points.

Aug 25:
We spent the full period practicing Unit Conversion problems at the board. Good participation, I think you all are starting to get it!

Aug 24: Bellwork (worth 12 pts) was to do # 1-3 on page 13 of your textbook. Then we began taking notes over section 1-1, the Metric System and Unit Conversions.

Aug 21: Collected workbooks, completed all section 1-1 notes, did Wiki logins (more time next week if you didn't get a chance), and did a Text-Coding exercise.

Aug 20: Workbook pages 1-3 (12 pts). Did only about 10 minutes of notes from 1-1.

Aug 19: Scientific Method notes.

Aug18: Started notes on Sect 1-1. HW is to write definitions for the 13 words at top of p 6. Due tomorrow (Wed) at start of class, worth 13 pts.

Aug 17: Continue ACHIEVE talk for collaborative groups. Did the Textbook Scavenger Hunt on page xxix in the front part of the text (5 pts).

Aug 14: Lab Safety Video. ACHIEVE discussion. Signature sheets were due (5 pts each).

Aug 13: Classroom rules and expectations. Text book issue.

Aug 12: 1st Day of School.
If you were in class, you got a syllabus and a lab safety sheet. The signature sheets need to be signed by you and your parent/guardian and returned by Friday, Aug 14 (worth 5 points).