So that we get the most out of the wiki, we need to agree to a few guidelines first.
  1. Never post any personal, private information online. Don't post your last name, phone number or address on this wiki or other websites. Think twice before posting your email address.
  2. Be respectful of other people, their work and their ideas. If you wouldn't say it in class, then you shouldn't post it on the wiki. If you disagree with another member, that's fine. But do it in a way that doesn't knock the other person down. The acceptable use policy is in effect on the wiki and remember that the "History" tab keeps track of what each member is posting to the site. In other words, I can see who posts what.
  3. Remember, everything on the wiki can be viewed by anybody in the world. Don't do something that could be embarrassing. Instead, present yourself as the intelligent, thoughtful, creative young person that you are.
  4. Don't try to impersonate somebody else on the wiki. Be yourself, be honest and take responsibility for what you do.
  5. Keep your discussions on topic. If you have something to say that's not related to the discussion, start a new thread.