Nov 30: 6th period took the test today, we're all back in synch now.

Nov 24: Fourth period got to take the test today, but in 6th we had to postpone it due to the pep rally. Sixth period, you will take the test the day we come back from break as we discussed in class.

Nov 23: Showed the Review Guide answer key on powerpoint. No excuses for not having a perfect grade on the review and a pretty darn good grade on this test.

Nov 20: A Ch 9-10 work day today. Some had to finish up a little in the workbook, others finished up review guides and studied for the test next Tuesday.

Nov 19: We did pages 98-100 in the workbook today which was for Section 10-1, Meiosis. Need to have those turned in tomorrow at the start of class. Tomorrow (Friday), we'll spend some time finishing up review guides and studying for the test next Tuesday. Remember, that test will cover all of Ch 9 plus Section 10-1.

Nov 18: Section 10-1, Meiosis. Also went ahead and passed out the Review for this section. Bring workbooks tomorrow if it's not already in my room. Section 9-2 slides are posted now under the "Resources" section of this wiki.

Nov 17: We were fortunate to have our guest speaker today, Ms. Mallory Harrison. Mallory is a brain cancer survivor and future biology teacher. I also passed out a newspaper article that outlined the stages of cancer.

Nov 16: Watched a video segment on mitosis and cancer, continued with Sect 9-3 notes. Took up the Mitosis sketches.

Nov 4: We did an oral review for tomorrow's test, focusing especially on Cellular Respiration. I've posted an answer key to the Ch 8 Review guide on the Resources page down at the bottom. The key is fairly complete, but I didn't get a chance to get it 100% done. We've pretty much gone over the entire thing in class, but if you're missing something and it's not on the Review Answer Key, feel free to email me tonight.

Nov 3: Worked on Review Guides the entire class period. We'll go over them tomorrow and the test will be on Thursday.

Nov 2: Finished the notes on Cellular Respiration, passed out Review Guides.