Oct 30: Took notes on Kreb Cycle and ETC. More explanation coming on Monday. The Ch 8 Review Guides are posted under Resources. I'll be handing copies out on Monday, but I know some of you like to have some extra time with thew Review Guides.

Oct 29: Glycolysis, the first stage of Cell Respiration.

Oct 28: Returned the quizzes and went outside to collect leaves for Stomata Viewing Activity.

Oct 27: We took our 8.1/8.2 quiz and then began taking online notes over the Calvin Cycle (2nd stage of photosynthesis). As soon as we have a nice day, we'll go outside and get some leaves to investigate stomata and guard cells. I promise!

Oct 26: Finished up the light reactions. Introduced the Calvin Cycle. Quiz tomorrow to cover all of Section 8-1 and the part of Section 8-2 that we've done in class so far. You can find the Ch 8 slides on the "Resources" page of Biology-93.

Oct 8: We worked on the laptops for Wiki-3 Cell paper. They're due Friday by midnight. Have a safe and fun Fall Break!

Oct 7: Test for Ch 7 (80 pts)

Oct 6: Took a 20 pt grade on Ch 7 Review Guides. Test is tomorrow, mostly multiple choice with 2 open responses.

Oct 5: Went to the computer lab to work on Wiki 3, which is due Friday Oct 10. Also remember the review guides and cell diagrams should be done tomorrow when you come to class. The Ch 7 Test is this Wed, Oct 7.

Oct 2: Brief lecture notes on Active Transport. Passed out Review Guides and Cell Diagrams. Those all need to be completed by Tuesday.

Oct 1: Took up the workbooks that were due today. Discussed the 3 Osmotic States and a little about Facilitated Diffusion. Tomorrow we will finish all Ch 7 notes and hand out Review Guides and blank Cell Diagrams.